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Louisbourg Investments has been servicing clients for over 25 years and strategically manages more than $2 billion in assets on behalf of institutions, foundations and private clients. Our ability to understand your goals and develop custom-tailored investment solutions designed to meet your needs is what sets us apart.

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Institutional management

Large and small institutions alike rely on our team of experts for investment solutions designed to achieve their goals. Over the years, our innovative and team-based approach, knowledge and flexibility have proved invaluable to our clients. Read more

Private wealth management

Building wealth takes hard work and determination—values that our team put into practice everyday. Our goal is to preserve and grow your assets in keeping with a comprehensive plan to realize your financial objectives.
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Why select Louisbourg Investments?

“We measure our success by the success of our clients.  Our team is comprised of experts who work every day to ensure our institutional and individual clients reach their financial goals through professional management of their investments.  Commitment, expertise and integrity is the mantra at Louisbourg Investments.”

Luc Gaudet, CEO


Our team of highly accredited portfolio managers and advisors, backed by leading specialists, provide expertise in asset management, risk management, lifestyle, estate and tax planning.


At Louisbourg Investments, we create a unique strategy tailored to your specific circumstances and financial objectives.


Our goals are clear: to preserve and grow your capital and to assist you in achieving your vision for success.

News and Insights Insights

Article by Robert Currie for the Times & Transcript published on August 27, 2019

Worrying about investments can often hijack too much of your attention. Markets seem to be overtaken by volatility where trade talks between China and the U.S. are being digested in tandem with conflicting global economic data leading to daily gyrations. Investors around the world are trying to decide if they’re in for another leg of economic growth or if they should prepare for pain.

Article by Harry Griffin for the Times & Transcript published on July 23, 2019

Imagine you just moved to Moncton. You expect a very hot end of the summer, and you want to take advantage of that by getting into the ice cream business. You have two options, you could buy “Ice Cream Shack A” or “Ice Cream Shack B”.

Equity Markets

After experiencing a dramatic recovery in the first quarter, equities maintained a positive, yet less explosive trajectory during the second quarter. President Trump toyed with market sentiment daily with trade progress updates. However, the Fed’s new openness to lowering interest rates later this year continued to spur investor expectations for continued economic expansion. All main equity markets delivered solid results, but Canadian equities performed the best followed by US then EAFE equities. It should be noted that foreign equity returns were tempered for Canadian investors due to a stronger loonie.

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