There are certain things that are synonymous with the new year. Resolutions are certainly one of them, which most likely explains the sudden increase of people going to the gym in January. Another popular fad is predictions, more specifically, predictions on how the stock market will perform in the coming year.

Article by Robert Currie for Brunswick News

You’re sitting at your kitchen tablethis time eating an open-face egg sandwich on a beautiful winter morningYou’re sifting through the news while you drink your coffee and find that instead of one of the companies in your portfolio making an acquisitionthey are being acquiredfor a 40% premium

Article by Robert Currie for Brunswick News

oure sitting at your kitchen tableeating some all-bran cereal on a beautiful fall morning when you open the Globe and Mail on your tablet to catch-up on some investing news before workYou start scrolling through the articles only to find one that jumps out immediately – one of the companies in your portfolio has announced a massive multi-billion-dollar acquisition.

Article by Marcel LeBlanc for the Times & Transcript published November 30, 2019.

You’re sitting there 
with an advisor trying to figure out how you would feel if your hypothetical investment account dropped by 20%. Who remembers the challenge of trying to understand risk tolerance questions when filling out investment applications? 

Article by Marc-Andre Castonguay for the Times & Transcript published November 16, 2019 

For many Canadians, this is the time of year when preparations are made to get away from the cold winter and head to the warmer climate of the southern United States. Of all the preparation that goes into such a trip, be sure to carefully plan the length of your stay to avoid an unpleasant tax surprise.

Article by Jared Burns, CPA, CA for the Times & Transcript published October 19, 2019

There has always been a negative connotation when it comes to the word “advantage”. That’s likely because many often assume the word “unfair” should be in front of it. The truth is, it’s not always clear whether the advantage is in fact fair or unfair. 

Here are the latest comments on the investment markets from our Portfolio Managers and the Louisbourg investment team for the third quarter of 2019. 

Article by Marcel LeBlanc for the Times & Transcript published on October 8, 2019

As we watch the US political circus continue to climb to new heights with talks of impeachment, many investors wonder how these events could impact future investment returns.

Article by Robert Currie for the Times & Transcript published September 12, 2019

As interest rates around the world have fallen lower and lower and the amount of negative yielding debt crossed the US$17 trillion mark in August, it’s worth asking yourself what this means for investments

Article by Robert Currie for the Times & Transcript published on August 27, 2019

Worrying about investments can often hijack too much of your attention. Markets seem to be overtaken by volatility where trade talks between China and the U.S. are being digested in tandem with conflicting global economic data leading to daily gyrations. Investors around the world are trying to decide if they’re in for another leg of economic growth or if they should prepare for pain.