When Apple and Tesla announced their stock split, it was interesting to me to see the clear excitement from individual investorsAfter all, splitting stocks is the same as slicing a pizza into more pieces.

Are you gaming yourself out of your best financial future? Marcel LeBlanc, CFP, CIM explores how we can cheat ourselves out of our anticipated outcomes.

There is always an element of unknown for investors when analyzing company and debt typically acts as a multiplier for that uncertainty. Banks are no exception.

The month of August is upon us and the hockey playoffs are under way. Both the Habs and Maple Leafs (and all the other Canadian teams, except the Sens) have a chance to win the Stanley Cup. Just another example of how 2020 is not a typical year, but nonetheless, discussions abound about what it takes to build a championship team. Some will argue great teams are built on a solid defence, others will say a high-powered offence is the key. I think most can agree you need both to finish on top.

Am I the only one who seems to get more confused the more I read into the current market environment? Markets don’t seem to be acting very rationally. But then again, investment markets have a long history of going against the day’s common wisdom.

Discussing your estate planning wishes with your family is not necessarily comfortable or easy. However, it is a conversation worth having to give both you and your family peace of mind.

Most people associate being wealthy to being rich. However, there are many ways to be wealthy without ever being rich. 

For at least a few hundred years, economies around the world have used short-term loans as a viable source of funding for both Wall Street and Main Street. 

When you received your first quarter investment statement, how did you react? Were you still comfortable with your portfolio’s asset mix or did you want to change your strategy and lower your exposure to stocks?

There are many ways to reach your retirement goals. As a financial planner, I’ve had countless friends come to me with the popular question: “How much do I really need to save for retirement?”.