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At Louisbourg Investments, we offer private wealth management services to high-net-worth individuals and families. We provide our clients with a personalized approach in keeping with their goals.

Our people

  • Our team members have in-depth knowledge of investments, portfolio management, financial, tax and estate planning. Our team's professional designations include chartered financial analyst (CFA), chartered investment manager (CIM®), certified financial planner (CFP®), chartered professional accountant (CPA) and fellow, Canadian Institute of Actuaries (FCIA), as well as Master's degrees in Business Administration (MBA) and Economics.
  • Managers of the firm are also shareholders, which ensures long term commitment and the alignment of our clients’ goals with those of our firm.
  • Our team is structured so you can gain quick and easy access to your designated advisor, as well as to other experts in the firm.
  • Your story is unique and your investment plan should be as well. We will develop a strategy that reflects your needs and expectations.

Our approach

We take a comprehensive approach to wealth management that begins with understanding your financial circumstances, unique needs and goals, tolerance for risk. We then create a customized strategy suited to your situation, to help you realize your financial objectives. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor who educates and guides you through all the financial aspects of your life.

Our team works with your accountants, tax advisors and lawyers to ensure the optimal management of your assets, in line with your financial planning objectives.

In creating a comprehensive financial plan, we will:

  • Establish the engagement: Define the roles and responsibilities of the advisor and client, review the management agreement and discuss expectations.
  • Gather information and determine goals: Gather information relevant to your financial situation, discuss life goals, determine your investor profile, including risk tolerance and any applicable constraints.
  • Analyze the financial situation and identify risks and opportunities: Review the collected information and determine what must be done to reach your goals. Determine whether other professionals, such as accountants or lawyers, must be involved for certain aspects of the plan.
  • Present plan: Present recommendations, obtain your feedback and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Implement the plan: Move forward with the recommendations that were agreed upon.
  • Monitor the plan: Periodically review the actual results in comparison to the projections, review your goals and update the plan if necessary.

Security selection — equity portfolios

Our investment selection and management is a rigorous process in which we closely monitor the activities of the companies we invest in, to ensure they are in line with our strategies at Louisbourg. Security selection is based on the following factors:

  • Attractive and understandable business model
  • Strong operational outlook
  • Solid balance sheet
  • Compelling valuation

Security selection— fixed income portfolios

For fixed income portfolios, we adopt an active approach that is grounded by a combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis to determine our desired sector weights and security selection.

We manage corporate bonds to provide our clients value added return. Our security selection is driven by issuers' fundamentals, credit risk and relative value analysis with a focus on risk-adjusted returns. Sector weights and government bond positioning provide an added generator of total return and risk management. We continuously monitor economic forecasts and risk-adjusted value for each sector.

In addition to "traditional" fixed income strategies, we have the ability and experience to manage specialized mandates, such as asset/liability matching and immunization strategies.

The Louisbourg Funds

We manage a variety of strategies in line with clients' specific needs. We are able to construct portfolios with individual securities or by using our Louisbourg pooled funds.

Here is a list of our funds:
  • Louisbourg Money Market Fund
  • Louisbourg Canadian Bond Fund
  • Louisbourg Corporate Bond Fund
  • Louisbourg Preferred Share Fund
  • Louisbourg Dividend Fund
  • Louisbourg Canadian Equity Fund
  • Louisbourg Canadian Small Cap Equity Fund
  • Louisbourg Quantitative Canadian Equity Fund
  • Louisbourg US Equity Fund
  • Louisbourg EAFE Equity Fund